Careers at LVK

We are a passion driven FMCG Marketing and Sales agency growing ethical food and drink brands in the UK and worldwide. We believe we have a responsibility to make people and the planet healthier through daily food and drink choices. We're a ambitious high performance team of ex-Multinational FMCG professionals driven to creating change in the food and drink world.

If you are driven by disrupting a category, improving consumers health or supporting the planet with your business, then you have found the right partner. We only work with brands that are going to make a difference. 

We currently have 4 large food and drink clients across everything from Coffee to Yoghurt, with business sizes ranging from start-ups to £10m.  

We are a proud member of the 1% For The Planet community.

Stats we are proud of

  • 1.2m

    Removing 1.2 million pieces of plastic with Percol.

  • 5m

    5 million trees planted by 2024 with nucao.

  • 167k

    Reducing 167000kg of sugar with nucao.

  • 44.6m

    Saving £44.6m in lost productivity with Tonic Health.

Behind the scenes