Careers at Lyvly

Lyvly is a shared living start-up, on a mission to give young professionals from across the world a place to feel at home. Modern cities don’t encourage interaction and genuine connections; work, life admin and just trying to get places all stand in our way. Housing is becoming less and less affordable and existing house sharing options are… mixed, to say the least. We believe the best way to overcome these challenges is to share your life, and the best place to start is at home. We know it can be challenging living with housemates, but we believe it’s worth it. We offer low-hassle renting, offering all-inclusive rents in good quality homes, with people at similar life stages. We create the space for our members to build a life. We work with landlords to take the stress out of property management and maximise what they can earn from their home, allowing us to provide renters with the best homes the market has to offer, at various price points. To thrive in team Lyvly, you need to be excited by our mission and motivated by the desire to build something that will bring meaningful impact to people’s lives.

Our Mission & Vision

The Curated-Members Community for those looking to get more from where they live. Lyvly creates beautiful homes and pairs them with amazing people.

Stats we are proud of

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