Careers at Lyvly

We are building the world's first shared living community.

Lyvly is a Silicon Valley backed co-living start-up that is changing the way millennials live in major cities.

We acquire properties and transform them into high-quality, fully serviced, all inclusive homes for ambitious professionals aged 25 - 35 who can connect with great housemates and have a home to be proud of, with people they really like.

Our values

COMPASSION: We treat each other with the greatest of respect, honesty and transparency.

TEAM: This is a team effort, and we are all responsible for the success of Lyvly.

CROSS-BORDERS: A considered opinion is valued in any area of the business. So if you think you can add value, we need you!

SCALE: Scalability is at the heart of our business - think “how would this work times ten or a hundred?”

EVOLVE: No process, system or task is free from evolution. If it can be done better, let’s improve it.

CREATIVITY: Your creative thoughts will always be well received. So go wild - don’t feel constrained.

POSITIVITY: Positivity makes positivity - and we can never have enough.

FAILURE: Failure is a fundamental part of the learning process, and critical to success. So let’s embrace it and use it to our advantage.

SPEED: Iterate quickly and where something isn’t going to work, recognize that it’s better it fails fast than dragging out and stopping us trying something else.

MEMBERS: We welcome members that are interesting, open and positive. We don’t care about job, looks, or background.

EXPERIENCE: We strive to show members our efficiency and deliver positive surprises whenever we can.

TECHNOLOGY: Technology isn’t optional. It drives amazing customer experiences and lets us deliver more even with a small tightly knit team.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We hold ourselves personally accountable for our commitments, to enable an environment of trust and efficiency.

CONTRIBUTE: We love giving back and help to make a difference across the world.

Why are we exciting?

Lyvly thinks differently. We strive to be much more than a long-term accommodation provider, by focusing on reducing unnecessary stress and building a valuable community for our members.

We start by stripping out the inconveniences such as paying a multitude of bills, buying toilet paper, or collecting packages. We put members together in eclectic communities that encourage opportunity and serendipity. Then we add services, discounts and events.

Our Mission & Vision

The Curated-Members Community for those looking to get more from where they live. Lyvly creates beautiful homes and pairs them with amazing people.

Stats we are proud of

  • £4.1m

    What we've raised in funding since starting in 2015.

  • 14

    employees. Our small staff with a big impact!

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 14
  • 36
    % Female


  • Flexible Working Hours

    Including working from home when you need to.

  • Unlimited Leave

    We want you to be refreshed and take ownership and responsibility for your time.

  • Equity

    Everyone has a stake in the company. We believe team members should be rewarded for a company's success.

  • Regular Team Socials

    We always end the week with a drink or two in our local and regularly hold events for both the team and our community.