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Made In Hackney (MIH) offers free community classes (for people most in need; such as low income families, children in care, teen carers, young people excluded from school, and people suffering from diet related health problems), and paid for Masterclasses, through our Program, privately, and through Corporate organisations, to support the funding of our community work.

We teach vital food growing, cooking and composting skills. Our seasonal, plant based program covers everything from basic cookery skills to sugar free baking, preserving, composting, foraging and making your own cosmetics.

Our food program therefore adheres to four key principles:


Made In Hackney deliver fun, supportive and often life changing courses in a range of local food skills. We work with local charities, community organisations and support groups to ensure our courses are offered to people most in need.

Our teachers help learners develop practical skills whilst incorporating discussions about reducing waste, eating seasonally, buying local, understanding certifications and how food choices can help tackle global issues such as climate change, poverty and diet-related mental and physical ill health.

A learning and social occasion, the classes include food sharing and often take-home samples. All our courses cover home composting. We also take our program into schools, community centres and anywhere else with people with a desire to eat delicious healthy food that's good for both people and planet.

The Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen was awarded independent charity status (CIO) by the Charity Commission, registered charity number 1176690 in January 2018, after 5 years of operating as a project of our parent charity AMURT UK (UK arm of international humanitarian relief charity AMURT).

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