Maison Heroine

Maison Heroine

Careers at Maison Heroine

Maison H’©ro’Аne was founded in 2015 as a premium Business- and Lifestyle Brand for Handbags and Accessoires. Our immaculate range of high quality leather handbags finds its purpose at the convergence of timeless elegance and functional chic. The product design and production takes place in Milan and Venice to the highest quality standards.


Why are we exciting?

Our goal at Maison Héroïne is to offer an inspirational and modern workplace that allows for exceptional talent to thrive. The core team is based in Berlin and consists of young creatives as well as experienced entrepreneurs, that share the same vision and motivation to help Maison Heroine grow further.
Our team has strong execution and organizational skills and all of us are willing to go the extra-mile. 

Behind the scenes