Careers at Martrain

Martrain is a full service marketing agency specialising in the B2B technology sector.

We have been marketing enterprise IT for over 20 years and we leverage that experience and knowledge into all the established and emerging marketing channels. These include digital, email, social, content, advertising, creative, telemarketing, events, channel and direct.

Every year marketers are put under more pressure to produce a better return for their budgets. We have kept clients like SAP for over 15 years because we provide measurable value across the whole marketing process.

By integrating telemarketing seamlessly into the other channels we always produce qualified sales leads so every campaign delivers measureable results and a strong pipeline

The tech sector is constantly evolving. As a specialist agency we are able to adapt our methods to innovations that have completely transformed the market, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Bring Your own Device (BYOD)

The case-studies on our site will give you a better idea of exactly how we deliver the return on your marketing investment so if you would like to speak to someone please call 0117 923 9200 or go to the “Contact” page.

Behind the scenes