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MASECO Private Wealth

Careers at MASECO Private Wealth

At MASECO we provide expert guidance to UK residents and foreign nationals to simplify and support their cross-border wealth management needs. We have a global perspective and we predominantly work with US nationals living outside the UK.

Our people are from varying backgrounds: many have been working with American citizens living in the UK for fifteen years, others are foreign nationals themselves living and working in London. Therefore we have a deep understanding of US/UK issues and know what it means to immerse yourself in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Adopting a holistic approach, we can help you to achieve your financial goals through careful planning and the implementation of rational, practical and tax optimised wealth management strategies.

We deliver comprehensive wealth management and investment advice to clients with relationships based on trust, open communication and integrity. Our mission is built on the desire to give peace of mind to US families through guidance on how to simplify their cross-border needs.

We use our core values as our internal guidelines because we know that when combined, they provide the framework around the decision-making process. That by taking this approach it helps us to develop, our clients achieve their goals, and together provide a consistent message globally.

MASECO is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, the very first wealth management firm in the UK to achieve this certification. If you don’t already know, B Corporations are companies that use the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. There are currently over 920 B Corps from 60 industries in 29 different countries.

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