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We are one of the most exciting new snack & confectionery brands. We currently sell a delicious range of honeycomb products up and down the country ranging from Whole Foods & Booths to Picture House Cinemas & Harrods. We have seen huge growth over the last 12 months in both the UK & overseas markets and with strong new products up our sleeves for 2017 the future is Mighty Fine.


About us

Honey is at the heart of what we do as a company but also what we do as people on this planet. With out the humble bee we are in deep trouble, so we focus all our energy on helping out the conservation of the bee population in Great Britain by donating 5% of our profits each year to the British Bee Keeping Association 

All our honey is British made, well nr Banbury-made in fact, and any employee can expect a few visits up to the farm to get a better idea of how we source our honey and the great work our bee farmers do each year.

At Mighty Fine we are passionate about what we do but also the way we do it. We love telling people about our products and hearing about how people enjoy them. If you share our passion for food, have a great energy and zest for life then you will fit in to the Mighty Fine way nicely.


The Mighty Fine Idea Is...

- To build a food business that is synonymous with great taste, quality and knockout design

- To develop a work an energetic and creative workplace 

- To do a bit of good where we can - we currently work with the British Bee Keeping Association to help save the British Bee

- Enjoy ourselves as much as possible

Behind the scenes