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We are working to build a world where a child’s circumstances are not a barrier to them developing the emotional and social wellbeing that will enable them to thrive in later life.

  • We provide experiences where children can directly experience the benefit of becoming aware of their emotions and actions.
  • We support children and demonstrate ways to respond, rather than react, to their inner and outer world.
  • We work with community and education partners to support the emotional and social development of children aged 0 - 12, through accessible activities combining music and mindfulness.


Workshops For Self Control

A series of workshops that can be delivered over 8 weeks to 1 school year, supporting children to develop tools that allow them to respond, rather than react, to their inner and outer worlds. This emotional and social self-control is developed through activities that combine music and mindfulness, and the workshops can focus on one of three musical areas:

  • Drumming
  • Songwriting, and composition.
  • Musical Story Exploration

Musical and single Workshop - from Sep ‘19

A musical written by the Mindful Music team that teaches children about ways to respond, rather than react, to their environment. Singing along with the facilitators they’ll learn the songs which are the lessons to help the develop emotional and social self-control, with a workshop following the musical to ensure children are given a direct experience of mindful practice which they can draw on for this development.

Festival Workshops

One-off public workshop events that create a uniquely valuable opportunity for MM staff to train, test new workshops, network with other practitioners and bring Mindful Music’s mission to a broader audience, as well as being a form of non-financial compensation for staff that supports their own emotional and social well-being.

More: www.mindfulmusic.london

Case study page: www.mindfulmusic.london/schools

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