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Since our foundation in 2014, Minerva has helped 1000's of children develop the skills they need to succeed in the exam room and the world beyond. In a short space of time, and in an established, crowded market, Minerva has become one of the fastest growing education companies in the UK, received nominations for four leading national education & business awards, and been described by the Good Schools Guide in 2017 as "The Innocent Drinks of the tutor world."

We're a thriving, passionate education company built on a foundation of innovation, incredible tutors, and a fearless educational philosophy.

How did we get here and what makes us different?

The Minerva Method

Our Philosophy - We believe that motivation and building confidence is just as important as academic training and exam preparation. We aim to motivate, encourage and inspire pupils to success, both in the classroom and the world beyond.

Our Tutors - From the beginning we took on tutors that dedicated their professional lives to tuition, as opposed to those that tutor just to supplement their income. We focused on creating a small team (less than 40) of tutors rather than signing up 100s to our books. By 2016 we were hiring full time tutors on salaries (a Minerva Tutor if you will). We are one of the only UK companies to do this. This recruitment philosophy creates a powerful team ethos and belief in a shared company vision, as well as allowing us to invest in our tutors with pioneering training programs, educational resources and give them the support they need to grow.

Training and Development - No other tutoring company invests as much time into the training and developing of their tutors as we do. The very best professionals from the world of education, such as retired Heads of top independent schools and highly renowned education scientists, contribute to our training modules as part of our Minerva Tutor Training Program. We want to ensure our tutors are constantly developing into better tutors.

Our Tech - We've built our very own tech platform, Temple, based on years of research. Parents can login and monitor pupil progress over the short and long term via detailed, individual lesson reports and keep us accountable.

The Bigger Picture

Our Diversity of Services - We provide home tuition, non academic mentoring, low-cost group tuition, international tuition, educational advice on schools and universities, world class London-based holiday schools, and bespoke homeschooling programs, as well as adult learning services.

Giving back - in 2017 we set up a not-for-profit sister company to tackle inequality in supplementary education and help disadvantaged pupils in our local community. Between 2014 & 2016 we supported the Baytree Centre, helping newly immigrated teenagers in Brixton with English tuition and mentoring to ensure they found a place at a local school.

Our Vision

We're proud of our achievements so far but this is just the start. Our long-term vision is to make tuition accessible to parents of all backgrounds, to work more closely with schools, and to see a world where every child succeeds.

Behind the scenes