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The cost of poor diet to UK society is estimated to reach almost £50bn per year by 2050 but conflicting advice and information overload is causing people to doubt their food choices. Lack of clear education on the importance of the right diet is at the heart of this.

This needs to change.

We are Modern Baker, the UK’s first healthy baking company. Our mission is to improve the quality of the carbohydrates, and

make them accessible to everyone. We want to help tackle the current diet-related chronic illness crisis, one tasty mouthful at a time.

We are pioneers of bread 2.0 – a completely new way to bake that combines modern science with ancient technology – creating ‘slow carb baking’ through the alchemy of Long Form Fermentation. Our organic sourdough loaves and biscuits are fermented slowly over 48 hours to reduce sugars, whilst optimising fibre for a healthy gut and easier digestion. This means that all of our products are actively good for human digestion and gut health.

We have persuasive personal experience of the life-changing effects of intelligent diet. We’re also government-funded to work with academia to prove what we claim: that the right food is the key to fixing our rampant public health and happiness issues.

Our vision is clear and global – we aim to revolutionise one of the world’s staple foods, through trailblazing delicious, nutritious and ambitious new approaches to fermenting grain. We believe in the true democratisation of food that is actively good for you and that is why we’ve open sourced our technology to ensure we pass on our knowledge to all. From giving a school child a sourdough starter, to sharing our knowledge openly online, to engaging with government through our impactful science, we want to see public health spending on diet-related chronic illness slashed, and a whole generation empowered with the vital ability to protect their health.

The revolution needs to start today, to future proof our tomorrow.

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    Best selling wrapped bread in Planet Organic

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