Careers at Musement

Musement is going to be the only app you need when traveling. Right now it is an award-winning online booking service for travel activities around the world which helps travelers discover and book things to do wherever they go. Available in 7 languages its team comes from 8 different countries.


Our values

We care so much about our values that we have posted them on our entrance wall, take a look at the image!


What is our culture like?

We are a 40-people company with a very flat organization - good ideas can come from anyone and anywhere, we are not afraid to express our point of view and we do not fear failing. Atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back, yet don't be fooled - we are 100% focused of making a global leader out of Musement, we have just come to the conclusion that we are more efficient and effective if you are also having fun. On more practical matters, we have "1-day a week work-from-home" and "enjoy your holidays whenever you feel like, provided you do not disrupt your team work" policies. Each person in the organization has their own Objectives and Key Results - the organization of off-site events is also typically among them!


Why are we exciting?

If you like Italy and want to have a taste of its lifestyle and yet you are concerned about not speaking the language, not being able to find the same corporate culture you might find in the Valley or ending up in a provincial family-owned business with no global ambitions, then Musement is the only place for you!

Yes, we are based in Italy's fashion capital, Milan - yet our team includes people from 8 different countries, English is the official language of the company, we serve destinations in over 40 countries in 7 languages and our customers come from literally every corner of the world.

"The pirates of Silicon Valley" meets "La Dolce Vita" - this is Musement.

Behind the scenes