Careers at MyKidsy

Our Mission

myKidsy aims to provide innovative after school, weekend and holiday activities for kids. Our goal is to save parents’ time on planning, so you can engage in quality time with your children. But myKidsy is much more than just an activity finder.

myKidsy helps parents steer their kids free time into educational fun. It is about finding the most novel and educational activities that go way beyond the music class in the neighbourhood.

It is about helping parents of the new digital app economy find trusted courses that will incentivise and motivate their kids into hobbies and activities that will contribute to their further education and growth into becoming citizens of the future society: with empathy for nature, love for the arts and sciences and in touch with their bodies and being active.

What is myKidsy?

How do you tap into your child’s inner talents? Ever wondered what your kids might achieve if they engaged in original, thought-provoking, extra-curricular activities? offers innovative after school, weekend and holiday programmes for London based children. myKidsy provides time-poor parents with a comprehensive directory of fun and engaging courses – activities range from art-sessions with famous illustrators, film production, learning how to make robots fly, computer coding as well as an introduction to subjects as varied as philosophy, entrepreneurship and yoga.

Behind the scenes