Na'atik Language and Cultural Institute

Na'atik Language and Cultural Institute

Careers at Na'atik Language and Cultural Institute

At Na’atik, we are more than just a language school. We teach Spanish and Maya language students from around the world which directly subsidizes our local English language classes and library. Our goal is to inspire global citizens while supporting the local community in Mexico through our love of languages and celebration of different cultures. By sharing and learning in an authentic, respectful, sustainable way, we promote intercultural understanding. Our name comes from the Maya expression “To’on Na’atik” meaning “we’re understanding each other.”

Stats we are proud of

  • 100

    100% of profits subsidize our local English Language program

  • 40

    40% of our local students are on scholarships

  • 90

    90% of our local students continue on to higher education

  • 95

    Pre-Covid, 95% of students participated in our library activ

Behind the scenes