Naranjas del Carmen

Naranjas del Carmen

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At we bring you the best oranges and clementines from our grandfather's estate in Spain. We pick them one by one and in no time you will be enjoying them at home! Fruit from the tree delivered to your door!

The state is located in Valencia and the commercial office in Madrid.


About us

Let’s be honest. Does it really make you happy buying oranges at the supermarket – not knowing how they taste, where they come from or who is responsible for their content? No, I didn’t think so. The Naranjas del Carmen are both healthy and make you happy. But I imagine you’re wondering just what the word ‘naranja’ actually means. Well, put very simply ‘naranja’ is the Spanish word for orange … and given that we are dealing with oranges from Spain we keep the word just as it is.

But let’s get to the oranges! We think you, our customers, appreciate the same good quality we do. Therefore we offer you the same variety we ourselves most love! And these oranges are amongst the finest in Spain. We harvest them from trees up to 20-years-old, comfortable in their surroundings and immersed in a rich soil that supports a range of valuable nutrients.

Because we are dedicated to quality there is no hustle or bustle – just oranges cultivated with care and hand-picked with passion. We cultivate our oranges using the techniques employed by our grandparents and from whom we inherited the estate.

What can we offer Escapees?

We are a small team but growing quickly where everyone has a voice. That means every employee is incredibly important since the first day. Our team is formed by farmers, engineers and web designers. We all promote our product through differents channels being the word of mouth the most succesful one. In you can learn something new every day from differents faces of the business: agricultural, commercial, design...

Behind the scenes