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Our goal at NL is to unite the worlds clinicians and their employers on a single platform.


About us

Network Locum is a tech startup based near old street in the heart of silicon roundabout.

NL is a powerful market network which connects doctors and hospitals /GP practices in the UK. We are changing the way healthcare is resourced by applying latest technology and thinking to a keenly-felt problem. Our web and mobile apps are used by physicians to create their profiles, set their preferences and book ‘locum’ (freelancer) work. And, practices/hospitals use it to create their resourcing needs and find matching physicians. We are now used by 1 in 5 practices in the UK and by more than 5000 general physicians. 
We are in an exceptionally strong position to take the market, We have already saved millions for the health service in the UK and plan to expand internationally to disrupt labour markets globally.

Behind the scenes