Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership CIC

Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership CIC

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The objects of the organisation are

The support and enablement of Neurodivergent people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, achieve their life goals and realise their potential in order to achieve equality and fully contribute to society.   By Neurodivergent People we mean people on the autistic spectrum with or without various co-occurring conditions …   We will provide an online platform for those who want to find actionable information about Autism Spectrum Condition and neurodiversity. This interactive platform will be organised by those on the spectrum who can offer advice and guidance based on their own experiences and understanding autism from within.

We will enable Neurodivergent people to support each other, provide peer to peer support and coaching right from the suspicion of the diagnosis, throughout the diagnosis process and beyond.   We will support Neurodivergent people to achieve their life goals such as obtaining qualifications, achieving and retaining fulfilling employment, forming and raising a family and aging happily by providing tailored peer to peer advice and support based on our lived experience and inside knowledge of our condition.   Too often those classed as Low Support Needs only receive support at crisis point. We will support and enable neurodivergent people who need specific tailored support in order to successfully achieve their potential.   We will advocate for autism acceptance as part of human diversity, achieving equality for neuro-divergent people in all aspects of human endeavour they choose.

We will operate an open national Neuro Diverse Self Advocacy Partnership organisation that will provide a forum (“a place to discuss”), with an open process for autistic adults to network, to discuss priorities and needs. We will be the voice of adults on the spectrum, at a national scale that is distinct from the voice of professionals working in autism and organisations set up to provide support for families with children on the spectrum. This provides us with the authority to discuss autistic needs from a Neurominority perspective for which current structures have no capacity.   We will provide a space for autistic people to contribute, to get involved, to use the wealth of skill and knowledge autistic people have, capitalising on their lived experience and inside knowledge of autism. Autistic people can do a lot to support each other and basically themselves.

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