New Day (neh thit) Tech

New Day (neh thit) Tech

Careers at New Day (neh thit) Tech

New Day is a fast-growing tech startup. Our mission is to unlock the Myanmar employment market’s untapped potential.

We are dedicated to helping employers find new, qualified staff, and provide these employees with support in the on-boarding stage through our automated service.

We drive value for our members by providing:

1. An intuitive, real-time system - Job seekers are notified of job openings immediately, and employers connect with quality candidates within 24 hours.

2. Well-matched candidates - Our algorithm enables us to match candidates with appropriate skills and experience to the right job.

3. Professional employees - We provide professionalizing help to job-seekers both before and after they are hired. This makes on-boarding a smoother process for the job-seeker in the short term, and improves staff retention and productivity in the long term.

4. Affordability - We are 25-50% cheaper than traditional recruiting services.

5. Fast broadcasting and hiring - We ensure that companies meet their hiring deadlines with our targeted posts on social media to a large job-seeker audience, as well as our streamlined pre-selection and same-day hiring options.

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