New Venture Africa

New Venture Africa

Careers at New Venture Africa

New Venture Africa connects top tier consultants investment professionals and high calibre business talent from around the world with innovative start - ups in East Africa.

Our aim is to develop and enhance the investment readiness of the new companies we work with as well as the entrepreneurial skill sets strategic capabilities and project management skills of the consultants that join us on our projects.

New Venture Africa supports entrepreneurs that are using innovation and technology to solve some of the region's most pressing social problems.

We focus our efforts on the finance education and agri sectors.


Why are we exciting?

New Venture Africa is unique as an organisation as we add genuine and measurable value to all of the stakeholders we work with.

The Entrepreneurs

New Venture Africa has been set up to help Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs develop as leaders, improve commercial skill sets and overcome business challenges that currently hold their new ventures back. Having been sponsored by Africa’s most successful business incubators, these start-ups will already be well on their way to success. By connecting entrepreneurs with top commercial minds, we aim to facilitate a knowledge share that will contribute to business development and growth. 

The Consultants

Our consultants can expect to gain huge amounts from their time away, as they use their skills, knowledge and problem solving ability to help entrepreneurs develop propositions and overcome hurdles. Tailored projects will be provided in the week before the trip begins, allowing the time to prepare for living and working in Africa. Working within the financial and capacity constraints of a new business in the developing world will make our consultants think more carefully about the way they use resources and time in the future.

Our Corporate Partners

Talent Development

By sending talented young managers on a New Venture Africa project, large businesses will expose their employees to a completely new approach to leadership development. Through our projects, we plan to create a new wave of entrepreneurial thinkers in big businesses. There are huge benefits to developing a culture of ‘intrapreneurship’ in large organisations – as employees think more creatively, work more efficiently and deliver higher quality work whilst using fewer resources.


Our model also allows large corporations to grow their corporate social responsibility programmes, as they contribute to a new kind of growth in developing countries. For businesses with interests in Africa, we also provide a platform for employees to broaden their understanding of the African continent's people, markets and growth dynamics, all of which will be playing increasingly important roles in the global economy in years to come.

Behind the scenes