Newbold House

Newbold House

Careers at Newbold House

The home of natural wellbeing - a centre for personal and sustainable evolution and education


Our values


"To develop, practise and teach skills for sustainable living in harmony with ourselves, each other and the Earth."

Working and living here together, our committed team of people are
passionate about all aspects of sustainable living. At Newbold we
recognize that in order to be able to live sustainably globally, we
first need to be able to live sustainably locally as individuals and as a

To us sustainability means a way of life that builds well-being in
terms of our physical and spiritual lives, our social networks and the
abundant ability of the earth to support life.

Newbold House provides an opportunity to take time to address and
transform life issues through the attendance of workshops and courses,
by coming to stay with us either as a bed and breakfast guest or by
participating in our working guest programme, which aims to give people
an opportunity to experience community living, and to learn about the
principals of sustainability through a path of service.


The core principles of Newbold House inspire and inform all of our
activities. These principles are the founding principles of the Findhorn
Foundation Community:

  • deep inner listening, and acting from that Source of Wisdom
  • co-creation with the intelligence of nature
  • service to the human and natural world

Behind the scenes