Careers at Nexedi

We are idealistic and believe that there should be free alternatives in software and that technology evolves further if everyone can use, learn and modify it. 

So our code is free. We make a living by offering our time to provide high-end custom industrial implementations - think collecting and analyzing sensor data in offshore wind parks to building an open source telecom provider to managing product flows in car manufacturing assembly lines. We also participate in European research projects and contribute back to open source solutions we use. Our stack is unique in that it allows us to offer levels of scalability and durability required in industrial scenarios.

Having a custom and free software stack means we cannot offer fancy - our solutions need to run longer than fashionable frameworks, fame - a community requires marketing budget requires vc capital which we don't want or fortune - let's say we're chasing the industry average salary. Plus we work with Chromebooks only. What we do offer is a flat hierarchy, paperless offices, no phones, no meetings, a place to contribute to open source projects and develop own ideas along our principles and current offers.

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Behind the scenes