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nibs etc. makes delicious and nutritious, upcycled snacks from industry byproducts that normally get thrown away, to fight food waste. We believe these misunderstood ingredients all deserve to be celebrated. Because food waste is totally nuts, we are changing daily rituals, nibble by nibble.

nibs etc. was founded in 2018 by Chloë Stewart with the mission to design the concept of 'waste' out of our habits, our systems, our language. Almost 4 tonnes of upcycled juice pulp and a pandemic-pivot later, we’re an award-winning, category-creating, revolutionary upcycled snack brand. We are the first company in the UK - and among the first globally - upcycling byproducts into snacks.


Passion-Driven: we live, breathe, talk, sleep, dream food, and are emotional about food waste.

Celebrate side streams: from our ingredients to our ideas, we believe offcuts, odds and ends, all deserve to be celebrated, respected and heard. We’re mainstream-ing side streams.

Innovate etc.: we are literally creating new supply chains that have never before existed. We thrive off of doing things differently, thinking outside the box, creating treasure from 'trash'.

Integrity: we want to eliminate ‘waste’ from the dictionary. We are doing the best we can with the information we have. When we have better information, we can and will do better.

Stats we are proud of

  • 4

    tonnes of juice pulp upcycled/food waste saved from landfil.

  • 10

    tonnes of GHG emissions prevented.

Behind the scenes