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Nimbla launched three years prior to the pandemic with a mission to protect small businesses against systemic risk. We developed technology in house that enables small businesses to insure invoices affordably, providing them with the protection they need to extend new credit lines and grow securely.

During the pandemic, Nimbla has worked with leading brokers, funders and banks, including Barclays and Starling, to protect SMEs across the UK and Ireland. We successfully lobbied the Government to introduce the trade credit reinsurance scheme to help prevent a credit bubble from forming due to increased uncertainty.

Company Culture Life at Nimbla is characterised by three core values; trust, care and courage. These values are foundational to our culture, both internally and in how we appear to clients and the market. Here are the three pillars that are at the root of all our work at Nimbla:

Trust is core to Nimbla’s offering and its operations. We recruit specialists and trust each team member to take full ownership of their domain. We also drive open communications by implementing ‘radical candour’, or caring personally, but challenging directly. In this environment, trust is given before it is received, and everyone has everything that they need to be successful.

Care is also integral to what we do at Nimbla. We want to get it right for our team and customers, so we’re available and attentive to them. Being present with each other enables effective flexible working and collaboration. We’re busy, but we also value face-to-face communication and having fun together. You’ll receive a training budget because we care about your personal development.

Courage pushes us to take responsibility within the boundaries of our roles, consult with each other, and then take calculated risks. Positive action that is unimpeded by the fear of making a mistake helps us to learn and improve quickly. This ‘play pen’ approach encourages creativity, and supports our agility and growth as a business. Calculated risk-taking makes us nimbler.

We might not have any active opportunities right now, yet if you like the sound of Nimbla we're always happy to hear from potential team members. Drop us a line at jobs@

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Escape's take on Nimbla

Cashflow is critical to SMEs and no one recognises this more than Nimbla. They provide invoice insurance to protect SMEs against insolvent and late-paying customers - a true game-changer for any business spending time and money chasing outstanding invoices. Not only is their technology first-of-its-kind but, during the pandemic, they've been working tirelessly with banks, brokers and the Government to protect SMEs in the UK & Ireland. Unsurprising, then, that they've made the Escape 100.

Stats we are proud of

  • 1

  • 1/10

    SME has written off bad debts over £100k in 2020 (YouGov)

  • 250M

    worth of unpaid invoices after the Arcadia Group collapse

  • 1/20

    of each purchase goes to a charity of our customer's choice

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