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Now Teach is working towards a world where children benefit because talented people who’ve already had successful careers become teachers, and bring their skills and experiences to the schools that need them most.

We support experienced people like you to change career with confidence and become great teachers. As part of the Now Teach Network, you also join the only professional network for career changers in teaching.

Our unique approach means that our Network members are more likely to stay in teaching compared to other career-changing trainees.

What we do:

• Pointing the way: Insight and connections so you choose a training course that suits you. • Always here. Expert advice for your entire teaching career, if and when you need it. • Be connected. Share insight and get input from our national network of people like you.

We are a charity funded by the Department for Education so there is no cost to you. No extra work. Just advice and a network of people like you, whenever you need it.

In the first two years, we help trainees adapt to their new profession and thrive. We have built up expertise in what specific support, guidance and events career-changers need.

You also join our network of professionals working to improve schools and the wider education system as a whole. From AI Clubs and work internships to Oxbridge preparation, Now Teachers are making real world impact.

Interested in finding out more? Register to speak to speak to our career change team.

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Escape's take on Now Teach

Now Teach have embarked on a mission to improve education around the UK, empowering and educating new teachers to enhance their impact in the classroom and beyond. They’ve embraced the idea that some of the best teachers out there are the ones who have decided to get into teaching later in their career. And not only are they doing important work in the world, but they're building a supportive, inclusive and generous organisation. Their employees raved about the commitment to purpose and flexibility right across the organisation, with everyone making you feel valued and cared for as a person. What more could you want?

Stats we are proud of

  • 500+

    Now Teach has recruited over 500 teachers in 5 years

  • 64%

    Training in shortage subjects

  • 49%

    Cohort training in Maths & Sciences

  • 54%

    The 2020 cohort is 54% male and has an average age of 47

Behind the scenes