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Oak National Academy is a unique educational platform, created by experts, that aims to improve pupil outcomes and close the disadvantage gap. Simply: we're here to support great teaching.

We support teachers by providing free access to thousands of high-quality teaching resources that can help reduce their planning workload and by providing expert advice on curriculum development, all to enable pupils to access high-quality learning.

Originally developed in 2020 as a response to the pandemic, Oak united teachers from across the country to support educators and pupils during multiple lockdowns, becoming an essential lifeline for schools.

During the pandemic, pupils used 150 million of our teaching resources. Now they’re back in the classroom, tens of thousands of teachers continue to use our resources to support their teaching. Not only do we save teachers time and alleviate the burden of planning, but we also improve the outcomes for pupils, particularly in social mobility cold-spots where 44% of schools used Oak to support learning.

From humble roots, we have grown into a national resource and a community of teachers supporting one another. All to make sure every child can always access great lessons and teachers are supported with workload.

We provide thousands of free, adaptable teaching resources for key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 across a range of subjects. We also offer an extensive specialist curriculum and the opportunity for teachers to set up remote, independent work. All of our teaching resources have been crafted by experts. They include downloadable slide decks, quizzes and worksheets

Although we already reach and support 45% of state schools, we're taking bold steps to increase our existing support to educational institutions, pupils and teachers. In September 2022, we launched a process to partner directly with education providers across the country, so that we can share the best possible lesson resources and expertise for both primary and secondary school teachers. This process will see an increase in the support and teaching resources available to teachers of maths, English, science, history, geography and music, with new teaching resources available from autumn 2023. We'll expand our support for additional subjects over the next few years. Our partners will work with us to share the very best thinking that the sector has to offer, with schools nationally set to benefit from this. We already reach and support 33% of teachers in England and plan to support even more as we grow.

Our team is made up of education and tech experts, all of who share a passion for making a difference.

We harness expertise in all facets of our organisation, from software engineers to experienced classroom teachers, who are well-positioned to understand the requirements of those working in schools. All are united in order to grow, develop and share the very best practice through the very best channels of support.

We're a small team, but we've already made a big impact. We believe in trying new approaches and not being restricted by how things have been done in the past. That said, we look for evidence and data to underpin our approaches and our experiments. We use this approach in all that we do from product development through to organisation rhythm and the employee package.

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. We serve diverse communities, which is why we strive for diversity of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, socio-economic background and perspective within our team at Oak.

If you care passionately about supporting teachers and pupils - particularly those from low-income families - we would love to hear from you. Join us and help us create an environment where everyone, from any background, is enabled and supported to do the best work of their careers.

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Escape's take on Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy was formed in April 2020 as an urgent response to the Coronavirus outbreak. It's core purpose? Supporting schools and teachers in providing a top-notch education to all children while locked down and learning from home. Since then, they've delivered a staggering 150 million classes from their online classroom and continue to develop valuable learning resources - most recently for children affected by the war in Ukraine. Their employee satisfaction is as high as their impact is broad - a great organisation to keep an eye on if you'd like to make a difference in the education sector.

Stats we are proud of

  • 45%

    of all state schools reporting using Oak in 2023

  • 150

    million lessons taken

  • 40000

    teachers have taken part in our webinars

  • 10007

    video lessons freely available across the curriculum

Behind the scenes

Benefits & progressive ways of working

Flexible working

  • Working hours

    Flex hours
  • Nomad friendly

    Remote - Anywhere
  • Coworking budget

    Coworking budget

Working hours & Paid time off

  • Compressed hours

    4 day week

Family benefits

  • Maternity policy

    Enhanced maternity
  • Paternity policy

    Enhanced paternity

General benefits

  • Flexi budget

    Flexible budget
  • Learning budget

    Learning budget