Careers at Oddbox

We are the UK’s fruit & veg box that fights food waste. We work closely with farmers & growers from all across the UK (& abroad), to rescue & fill up our boxes full of fresh, seasonal fruit & veg which are at risk of going to waste. The reason for this? They're simply seen as too oddly shaped, too oddly sized, or even just - too many.

Alongside our community, we help make a difference to the planet each week - fighting food waste at farm-level, preventing unnecessary CO2e emissions and saving water along the way.

ODDBOX is a Certified B Corporation and will continue to make a difference to our planet with each & every box.

This is a massively exciting and unique opportunity to join our rapidly growing and purpose-led company as we continue to fight food waste and prove that sustainability can be easy.

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Escape's take on Oddbox

Oddbox is a truly unique organisation. On a mission to save wonky fruit and veg from being destroyed, they are tackling food waste and changing our relationships with the food we eat. A certified B Corp with impeccable eco-credentials, the high-growth plans of Oddbox in no way compromise what’s at the core of their wonderful mission. A growing team with plenty of opportunities to develop, the employee reviews most certainly demonstrate how valued people feel. We couldn’t recommend Oddbox enough as your next career step into doing something meaningful that will really make a difference to the world around you.

Stats we are proud of

  • 28.4m

    KGs of fruit & Veg we've rescued from going to waste

  • 2.9b

    Litres of Water Wastage avoided

  • 30.3m

    Carbon Emissions (CO2e) avoided

Behind the scenes