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One Degree Academy

Careers at One Degree Academy

One Degree Academy is an innovative school. We opened in September 2016, and were graded as outstanding in all areas by Ofsted in Feb 2019. We are designed around the idea that tiny changes can have profound effects, and that a committed focus on seemingly small details leads to continuous and sustained improvement. In short, we know that any giant leap to success is preceded by lots of small steps.

We aim for our academic achievements will be amongst the best in the country, and for our young people to go on to become successful employees, citizens and family members. We are proud to have created an environment where our children are happy, inspired and eager to attend every day.

We also aim for our students and staff to strive constantly for excellence. In our small community, teachers spend time ensuring that each child is known and cared for. We firmly believe in scholarship and aim for every child, no matter what their background, to be given the ambition, and the practical tools, to succeed academically and personally, giving them the basis from which any career or academic goal is achievable.

We work tirelessly to ensure that every parent is engaged in their child’s learning, that businesses and charities provide real-life experiences for our pupils, and that through our partnerships with top universities and world-class employers, our students are constantly offered opportunities to explore the range of future paths which lie before them.

Our aspirations for One Degree Academy are simple and ambitious: through our persistent focus on the actions necessary for great teaching and learning, every One Degree Academy student will develop the knowledge, character attributes and cultural capital to succeed at university, enjoy a productive career, and lead a great life.

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