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Open Bionics:

Open Bionics is a prosthetics company developing affordable, assistive devices that enhance the human body. We've started by introducing the Hero Arm, a stylish multi-grip bionic arm. Current upper limb prostheses exist as hooks, grippers, or expensive bionic hands. We're on a mission to make beautiful bionic limbs more accessible.

Aged 17, Joel Gibbard began tinkering with robotic hands. There was something about the movement of a disembodied humanoid hand that captured his imagination. Hundreds of prototypes and many crates of failures later, in 2014, Joel co-founded Open Bionics with Samantha Payne. With the help of an awesome team and the support of the limb different community, they’re pioneering a new bionic age inspired by science fiction.

The Hero Arm:

The Hero Arm is Open Bionics'​ first commercially available bionic limb. The Hero Arm is the most affordable multi-grip bionic arm ever, less than half the price of its nearest competitor. Each Hero Arm is custom-built, and for the first time ever is available for upper limb amputees as young as nine.

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