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Oppo Brothers

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Great Taste Award winning ice cream that's famous for flavour, not calories. 🍨 oppobrothers.com #GoodTemptation

Oppo was started by two brothers, Charlie and Harry in 2014.

We’re now sold in 6,000 stores across Europe and the Middle East and our mission is to create feel-good ice cream that's better for health and planet. In fact, we see a future where more people eat healthy ice cream than regular ice cream. And we're now delivering ice cream directly to your door!

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Oppo Brothers make delicious ice cream healthy. They believe you shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to indulgence and looking after yourself, or the planet. And we couldn't agree more. As a certified B-Corp, they've got a big commitment to sustainability, they're the only ice cream brand with 100% paper packaging. If you're looking for a seriously tasty place to work with a brilliant culture, browse roles with Oppo Brothers.

Stats we are proud of

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    On our way to becoming B Corp certified

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    Working towards being fully carbon neutral by end of 2022

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    10% of profits from our online store sales go to the NHS

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