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Orchard Pig

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Who knew_ apples from Somerset Orchards make the best tasting cider. Following this happy discovery Orchard Pig arrived out of a shared thirst for great cider great food and Old Spots the original Orchard Pigs.


Why are we exciting?

Having spent a long career in various consumer businesses both big and small, Ed Hauck founded TSEA in 2012 to bring a fresh approach to executive search. One based on honest, open and collaborative partnerships. All our searches are totally bespoke and we work with our clients to immerse ourselves in their businesses and identify talent that can thrive in their unique working culture. Sometimes this takes more time, but a job done well is a job done properly. There really are no easy short cuts in executive search.


“We are simply here to put brilliant people in brilliant businesses, and to ignite an exciting new future for our clients and candidates alike. That future starts here.” Ed Hauck, Founder.

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