Osler Diagnostics

Osler Diagnostics

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Osler Diagnostics (‘Osler’) is a health technology company developing innovative biosensor technology and products.

Osler’s main product is a universal healthcare diagnostic - a portable, handheld device capable of taking a drop of blood and testing for a panel of biomarkers quickly, cheaply, and accurately, with applicability to the majority of biomarkers.

The Osler device could decentralise diagnostics, allowing anyone, anywhere, at any time, to test for health markers of interest, and therein dramatically improving healthcare access, outcomes and costs.

Osler is not the first company to attempt this audacious goal, but it is the first to demonstrate it can deliver it.

Osler is based on a novel approach to biosensing, developed over a decade of Oxford University research, has delivered a functioning prototype, employs a world-class team, and has recently closed a substantial Series A round, from a leading group of investors. see less

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