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About us

At Osper we believe in the power of young people, we believe that what you learn when young shapes the way you live your life and most of all we believe in the infinite power of young people. That's why we’re reinventing the world of money management for under 18s with our Osper Prepaid Debit Card and mobile banking app.

Our service is designed from the ground up for young people and parents to help them manage money together. Young people are in control of their own finances and parents can safely and easily keep track, all using separate logins on their mobile phones. 

Osper was established in 2012 by Alick Varma. Alick previously worked at McKinsey and Spotify, and also trained to be a maths teacher. We launched the Osper service to parents and young people in July 2014 and since then have had thousands of sign ups and have grow far beyond our predictions and expectations. The Osper team has now grown to small lean team of engineers, product people and operations staff and you can read all about our recent projects and goals here and here

Osper's investors include Index Ventures, Horizons Ventures and a number of entrepreneurs (some of the founders of Funding Circle, Jawbone, LastMinute.com, Mind Candy, Streetcar and SoundCloud) and individuals from the Financial Services market (Travelex CEO and ex-Chairman of Sainsbury's Bank).


What is our culture like?

1. Start with first principles

We never assume anything has to be the way it is. We start with foundational principles and build from there.

2. Never stop learning

Every Thursday we take it in turns to teach the rest of the team about something we're passionate about. We also have CEO Lunches where founders tell us their stories so we know what the journey ahead looks like.

3. Build things you're proud of

We're ruthlessly focused on only building features that we're proud of. It hurts to shelve good ideas but that's how we make sure the very best ideas are done well.

Behind the scenes