Oxford Startup Incubator

Oxford Startup Incubator

Careers at Oxford Startup Incubator

We’re here to support entrepreneurs!

We help tailor the support entrepreneurs need to fit the specific challenges of their new venture. The Startup Incubator is free and aimed at members and ex-members of the University of Oxford wanting to start or grow entrepreneur-driven ventures that are not University spinouts.

The incubator has been in operation since 2011 and has:

  • taken in over 70 startup ventures ranging from the medical domain to social media data analysis
  • worked with them on minimum viable product development and initial commercial traction
  • supported incubator ventures in attracting over $40 million from a range of public and private sources

We typically support founders from the idea stage, but also take in and successfully accelerate more mature ventures. We have built our programme from the ground up for an academic environment – we realise people may not be able to work full time on their venture from day one and have set up our process and structure to accommodate this.

Behind the scenes