Careers at Oxhack

Who we are & what we offer

Oxford Hackspace is a non-profit, volunteer-run, member-owned workshop community for gentle people who love to make things and want to see a better world. Both personal projects and professional prototyping are welcome here. We are the oldest hackspace and makerspace in town by 7 years, existing since 2010.

In normal times, we operate an accessible workshop, studio and social/event space 7 days a week in the city centre. Here we provide tools and space, offer tool and design training in the tools we have, and run free or cheap interest classes to serve the hacking needs of Oxford’s creative maker community.

We also add new tools intermittently based on member interest, on a best effort basis. Thousands of hours of volunteer effort were invested last year in providing this for community benefit.

We hold social evenings every Thursday night, hackathons on various social, environmental and just plain fun issues, professional networking events, and games nights amongst others. Our members include crafters, designers, highly-skilled engineers, artists, programmers, and other creative people.

Behind the scenes