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The Challenge

The electric vehicle revolution is on its way to hit the streets. Every major car manufacturer is now bringing mid-priced electric vehicles for mass markets. Some have even announced to end the production of gasoline cars. States in wide spectrum have decided to ban all new fossil fuel cars.

As the prices go down, the adoption of electric vehicles can be as disruptive as the as for the smart phone outdating the older cell phone. Only one problem has remained: How to charge the car in real estate environment.

The current method of installing single chargers here and there is expensive and cumbersome. Each new set of chargers implies a new project with electrical engineering, acquisition of chargers and electrical contracting. The limits of electrical distribution centre can suddenly form a barrier for adding new chargers. These difficulties have prompted the experts to forecast that the problem of charging in real estate will substantially slow down the adoption of electric vehicles. That has been the case, until now.

The Solution

Parking Energy Platform solves all the issues with a single stroke. The crucial distinction is to separate the cabling from the chargers. In the heart of the solution is a quick connector: In a garage, the cabling can be brought to each slot, ending to a robust and inexpensive connector.

When the tenant buys an electric vehicle, the charger can be ordered to the parking slot for the next day. The instalment of a charger with fitting quick connector is plug-and-play. It takes only a minute and requires no electrical planning or composing official electrical instalment records.

The benefit for the real estate owner is twofold. First, a large parking area can be prepared to be EV-ready with a single investment. Second, the real estate is freed from managing the instalment projects, maintenance and metering the electricity. The cost of the cabling is less than 1% of the cost of a parking slot, but can add value many times over.

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