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Existing credit score building products like credit cards are generic, ineffective and come with hidden fees and debt. We offer a new way to build credit health through a simple subscription fee.

Pave (formerly Portify) is a fast-growing fintech startup that offers a new way to build credit health through a simple subscription service. Our mission is simple; to eliminate financial inequality. We do this by offering anyone a personalised, clear path to financial mobility, starting by improving their credit score.

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Escape's take on Pave

Portify is a welcome change from payday loan companies that too often dominate headlines, ads and football shirts. Their goal is to democratise credit and provide inclusive financial services that target workers who are unfairly stigmatised for not having a 9-5 job. With 20,000 users, and a significant level of funding from leading fintech venture capital firms since their 2017 launch, their interest-free loans and saving and budgeting tools are clearly resonating and we expect to see them continue to climb up the Escape 100 in years to come.

Stats we are proud of

  • 100

    Increase of up to 100 points on user's credit scores

  • 390k

    Over 390k users of the Pave App

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