Careers at PEAS

Who we are We are PEAS. We are an international education not-for-profit with the mission to ‘expand access to sustainably delivered, quality secondary education across Africa’.

We build and run high quality not-for-profit secondary schools in close partnership with government in communities where there is urgent unmet demand for secondary education.

In 2008, we built and opened our first school in Uganda and now we run a school network of 28 schools in Uganda and 4 in Zambia. We are proud of what we have achieved:

Building and running two school networks of 32 schools serving over 15,000 students;

Helping students who start further behind than their peers to catch up by the time they leave our schools;

Running schools where all students feel safe and cared for;

Keeping our fees low and working hand-in-hand with communities, so that children from some of the poorest backgrounds attend our schools;

Opening the first ever zero day-fee secondary school in Zambia by securing a ground-breaking partnership with the government.

And, don’t just take our word for it.

After rigorous external studies in recent years, we know our school model works. In Uganda, PEAS students are from the poorest households and have worse primary school exam results than average. Once they enrol in a PEAS school they go on to make faster academic progress than their more privileged peers. Importantly, this is achieved at a lower cost per student than in other school types.

Why do we do it? A high quality secondary education increases people’s lifetime earning potential and helps them and their children to live healthier lives, yet 264 million young people are currently out of school and the vast majority of these young people are of secondary school age. PEAS wants every young person in Sub-Saharan Africa to have the opportunity to receive a high quality secondary education that can transform their lives.

Behind the scenes