Careers at PEAS

We are PEAS. We are a fast growing not-for-profit with the mission to expand access to sustainably delivered quality secondary education across Africa.

For the last fifteen years PEAS has built and operated quality secondary schools in under-served communities in Uganda and Zambia. We now have a network of 36 schools across Uganda and Zambia educating over 15,000 marginalised students. PEAS has strong evidence from a number of external studies showing that our schools in Uganda are more equitable, better quality and more cost-effective than comparison private and government schools.

We are now embarking on a new strategy, positioning ourselves for a period of rapid growth.

We want to make PEAS schools the best in Uganda and Zambia. At the same time, we also want to influence and support the wider education systems in the places where we’re working and globally by sharing our evidence and know-how.

Supporting all schools is our strategy of growth. During this period, we will grow our school networks to double their size, launch in a third country and expand our wider impact by strengthening education systems.

Yes, it is ambitious. Yes, it is exciting. Yes, it will be challenging.

But if ever there was a time for action, the time is now. We know that inequitable access, poor quality and insufficient resources continue to prevent millions of children from enjoying an education that unlocks their full potential. This has been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, bringing even more barriers for the children and families struggling the most.

Behind the scenes