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Plug & Play Recruitment

Peoplise is a plug & play recruitment platform which enables HR practitioners to optimize their recruitment processes with digital and analytical tools to provide a superior talent experience.

Peoplise offers 3 integrated suites for a 100% mobile and digital hiring process:

- Socialise: Hire smart from the social media with online marketing tools and widgets.
- Analyse: Video screening, live and recorded video interviewing, customized fit scores and online assessments.
- Harmonise: Automated work processes for on-boarding new employees for maximum engagement

Major advantages of Peoplise are:

• Productivity: Save time and resources. 30% more time to focus on the right candidates, 10x speed up in screening.
• Accuracy: Video based filtering and assessments increases accuracy of verification and enables HR to find the better candidates on time, every time
• Branding: Platform creates many customizable unique branding opportunities to turn your recruitment into a employee branding force
• Customizable Cloud: The flexible and user friendly admin screens ensures you to customize your own flow. No need for a lengthy and costly IT implementation.

Behind the scenes