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Perlego's ambition is to become the world’s online learning library, a single place where learners can instantly access all of the world’s academic content for less than the price of a single book.

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Perlego is a shining example of using entrepreneurship to solve real world problems by creating simple solutions to break down barriers of inequality. University fees and debt are already pricing many poorer households out of further education, but an even more pernicious cost is the soaring price of compulsory textbooks. Most students can't afford them, but Perlego gives unlimited access to all of the learning resources at a much fairer price. As well as a brilliant mission statement, Perlego are aiming to foster a unique company culture championing self-empowerment, personal development, direct communication and mutual support.

Stats we are proud of

  • 15mil

    users reached in the last year

  • 100%

    Gold ASPIRE rating for accessibility

  • 1mil

    books made affordable for learners

  • 80%

    of learners said we broadened their discovery and learning

Behind the scenes

Benefits & progressive ways of working

Flexible working

  • Nomad friendly

    Remote - Anywhere