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We want to Inspire Empower and Connect Tech Pioneers to create a better future.


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‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_‚Äú√´‚Äì‚àè_We want to give ideas wings, spread the entrepreneurial spirit 
and enable people to pioneer.

Pioneers is dedicated to building relationships between businesses, industry experts and innovators to push the success of tech entrepreneurs all over the world. It incorporates three business units helping Pioneers to succeed: Events, Discover and Ventures. Pioneers Events is devoted to creating unforgettable experiences for its community, Discover to establishing business relationships between corporates and start-ups. Pioneers’ own Venture fund helps the newest ideas take shape. By providing a platform for entrepreneurial minds, Pioneers contributes to making the world a better place for the future.

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