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Built on the foundation that health food should never be boring, Pip & Nut is a rapidly growing award winning nut butter brand with big ambitions; in just six years we’ve scaled to over 7000 stores nationwide with listings in high end stores like Wholefoods & Selfridges as well as Waitrose, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, ASDA & Morrisons and are the fastest growing nut butter brand in the UK. With this exciting growth we make sure it’s not to the detriment of people or planet and profit and as a result we’re proud to say we’re a certified B-corporation.

We firmly believe that things should be kept just as nature intended so there’s nothing nasty hidden inside our nut butters or snacks, just amazing nuts and a few other natural ingredients. Aside from the fact that our products stack up nutritionally, we’ve also built a serious amount of momentum & love behind our brand, with fans ranging from International athletes to top celebrities and everyone in between.

Our Mission & Vision

We make delicious natural nut butters and almond milks.

Verified by Escape

Escape's take on Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut has taken the nut butter enthusiast community by storm. With delicious products, a fun & energetic brand, a commitment to the people who make Pip & Nut and the planet around them, it's little wonder why. Back in 2013 Pippa was working as a project manager at the Science Museum, creating the first versions of nut butters in her kitchen when she won our Escape to the shed competition where she pitched up rent free in a shed in our old office's garden for 3 months to get Pip & Nut off the ground. After a lot of hard work and a huge amount of ingenuity, Pip & Nut have become a household name in the UK and have just launched their first TV commercial. Pip & Nut became an accredited B corporation in 2019 and are on a mission to build a business that's a great place to work, takes care of the planet around them, and creates wonderful product that bring joy to all those who buy them. If you're looking to get involved with an ambitious business that's really going places, look no further.

Stats we are proud of

  • £120K

    crowdfunding to start

  • 2015

    was launched - and Selfridges!

  • 25%

    year-on-year growth aim

Behind the scenes

Benefits & progressive ways of working

Flexible working

  • Working hours

    Flex hours
  • Nomad friendly

    Remote - Anywhere

Working hours & Paid time off

  • Enhanced holidays

    25-30 days holiday

Financial benefits

  • Life insurance

    Paid life insurance
  • Bonus

    Bonuses paid

Health & Wellbeing benefits

  • Private health care

    Private healthcare cover
  • Mental health fund

    Mental health budget > £50 / month

General benefits

  • Food

    Free Food
  • Learning budget

    Learning budget