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Planet Earthlings

Careers at Planet Earthlings

We're a small bootstrapping startup with a team size varying from one (Founder, Greg Acuna) to up to five with either part-timer or interns. Looking to ramp up and are finally into revenue mode.

The Planet Earthlings project is creating games which empower players to make the world a better place. We're working on both a series of Acting Kindly card games and an educational virtual world called Zarbul. Our current product "Acting Kindly @School" is a printed card game which teaches young people cooperation, collaboration and the joys of being nice to each other. We're convinced the game is an antidote to bullying.

The Zarbul virtual world is a space themed universe which will combine an overall story to excite and reward kids giving them an opportunity to have fun while learning. Users will create an alien avatar, assemble a spaceship and set down on their own planet ready build their own civilization, explore the universe and save Earth.

The universe will be organized into theme based systems and planets. Available destinations will expand both through various phases of core development and by an open source front end which will allow others with compatible content to collaborate and create their own worlds.

Jumping into their spaceship young explorers set down on different planets and encounter four major activities:

  • Cooperative Gaming – multi-player games will unite kids to help each overcome challenges, learn and grow.
  • Collaborative Apps – bringing groups of users together to create art, stories, music, movies, animation, apps, games, and more.
  • Educational Content – text, images, animation and video content will connect all activities so they can learn about anything wherever they are.
  • Community Tools – to help everyone communicate, learn about each other, make friends and take part in real life community activities.

It is not enough to offer only “time pass” experiences to children. Planet Earthlings is being created as a special universe with a sense of character, an ever expanding narrative and an overall sense of purpose which can empower young people in new and yet to be imagined ways. We believe if youngsters grow up with friends around the world it can change…everything.

Behind the scenes