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Careers at Platypus Digital

We are a friendly agency that creates positive change through digital marketing.

We do this by auditing charities' digital work, training up their teams and delivering smartly targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Our work has helped over 180 charities to raise money, increase brand awareness and sharpen their digital skills.

Find out who we work with on our website.

We're charity specialists. We understand how charities operate and the unique challenges they face. Our digital knowhow helps charities spend their budget more wisely.

Nobody does more important work than charities. It's up to us to do that work to a high standard.

Stats we are proud of

  • 10%

    each employees billable hours used for pro bono charity work

  • £20

    a month matched charity donation for all the team

  • £1000

    yearly charity donation on behalf of each employee

Behind the scenes