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Playfair Capital is an early stage investment fund founded in 2011. It invests and provides on-going support predominantly for web based technology and digital media start ups that are capable of disrupting a market by creating major change in a way that can be scaled globally.


This is us, from left to right (back row) Georgia - she is our in-house lawyer, a partner at Playfair Capital and really loves dogs. Joe - he is our finance guy, a partner at Playfair Captial and also an avid fan of Seth Rogan movies. Fede - he founded us, he comes from an impressive family and goes to Burning Man every year. Nathan - he is a pretty huge deal (Phd) and a foodie. (front row) Victoria - she is slightly dishevelled most of the time but quite charming, Talulla- bubbly, would be a word that comes only vaguely close. 

We are all different, but what unites us, is drive, hard work, and most of all a smashing sense of humour. All VC firms say that they invest in people, but we live it. Non of us came from the most straight forward background, we believe that this allows us to see the potential others might not in the start ups that apply for our funding every day. Come on, you know you want to get to know us. 

Behind the scenes