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Plumm Health is an online platform that aims to make mental health therapy affordable and accessible for all, by connecting you to a global pool of therapists and providing expert-led online courses, self-help content and community support.

Awareness about mental healthcare has been growing globally and while there are many who need help, therapy remains inaccessible for most of us. Having realised this, we also work with universities, corporates and affinity partners to help as touch as many lives as possible.

Plumm Health is a one-stop platform to cater to all your mental wellbeing and personal growth needs. We believe mental health is a right and everyone deserves a chance to grow.

How are we helping people take care of their mental health?

Our subscription-based model brings with it online therapy sessions, online courses, blogs, articles and online community support on a monthly basis at a very low price. This helps you to address your mental and emotional wellbeing without worrying about the high costs of seeing a qualified therapist.

Moreover, our technology empowers you to connect with a therapist easily in 3 steps as early as the next day. Our goal is to ensure that no person has to think twice before seeking therapy. This is how we make therapy more accessible and very affordable for you. We believe that therapy should not be a luxury. Rather, it should be a basic tool for you, to be able to live happier and healthier lives.

Healthy people make happy families; and happy families make healthier communities.

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