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At Pod Point, we’re changing the way people drive. The electric vehicle (EV) market is exploding - they currently account for 16% of all new cars registered and need to hit 100% by 2030. All these cars are going to need charging, so there's a massive opportunity to sell our awesome charging Solutions for the home, workplace and public charging. We’re not just about building our balance sheet - we’ve got a loftier goal than that. We believe that every business should be tackling the major world issue of climate change - our mission is to ensure that travel doesn’t damage the earth. We think weaning passenger transport off fossil fuels is really important, and building our public network of chargepoints is our contribution towards that larger goal. We're run by a team of over 500 people - based remotely, but with an office in central London. We've grown the team rapidly to respond to the dynamics of the market, but have worked super hard to retain the great culture that makes Pod Point an amazing place to work, even when working remotely.

What can we offer Escapees? Infectious passion - we're all really passionate about our contribution to the EV revolution!

Freedom - to scope your role, work whatever hours you want to work, wear whatever you want to wear and develop your career according to your wants, not ours.

Entrepreneurial inspiration - our CEO is a serial entrepreneur and many of us have our own entrepreneurial spirit.

Creative environment - our relaxed, flat structure is a creativity incubator.

An epic brains trust- our Directors bring years of experience across a range of industries and business functions - and what's more, they're approachable and make time to share this knowledge.

We're dynamic, agile and awesome - if this sounds like you, please get in contact with recruitment@pod-point.com. We'd love to hear from all talented Escapees, even when we don't have a current advertised role that fits your skills. We've been known to make room for superstars that cross our path!

You'll fit right in at Pod Point if:

• You’re flexible – you’ll pitch in and help with anything.

• Your tenacity is legendary. Once you start, you keep going until you win.

• You’re curious and want to learn, and are ready for the next challenge.

• You prefer start-ups/fast growing companies to corporate environments.

• You want to change the world and leave a mark in the industry you work in – in joining us, you'll be part of a team leading the transport industry's most significant transformation in the last 100 years.

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Escape's take on Pod Point

Electric car owners in the UK will likely be familiar with PodPoint technology from their array of charging bays and chargepoints. They believe that travel shouldn't damage the earth and want to help people adopt clean transport in their everyday lives. They've done so to the tune of 593 million miles of electric driving and the shipping of over 137,000 electric vehicle chargepoints as at the end of 2021. That extensive impact had them comfortably in the top 10 'Planet' scores in this year's Escape 100.

Stats we are proud of

  • 100

    Million KG of carbon dioxide emissions saved

  • 593

    Million miles of electrified driving

  • 6,200

    Public charging bays across the UK

  • 172

    Million KWH energy transferred

Behind the scenes

Benefits & progressive ways of working

Flexible working

  • Working hours

    Flex hours
  • Nomad friendly

    Remote - UK
  • Home office

    Home office budget

Working hours & Paid time off

  • Enhanced holidays

    25-30 days holiday

Financial benefits

  • Life insurance

    Paid life insurance
  • Pension

    >5% Pension

Health & Wellbeing benefits

  • Eyewear

    Eyewear contribution >£100

Family benefits

  • Maternity policy

    Enhanced maternity
  • Paternity policy

    Enhanced paternity