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WorkSafe™ is an enterprise contact tracing solution to ensure employees get back to the office safely. It is Pointr is a global leader in indoor location. Pointr's Deep Location® technology uses machine-learning techniques to create the best performing and the most scalable indoor location technology available today. Our Deep Location® platform enables location-based services such as digital mapping, navigation, location tracking, geofencing, and powerful location-based analytics. Pointr’s information security is ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified and approved by Cisco, Microsoft, Siemens, Extreme Networks, CBRE, ISS, DHS, and many others. We work with major customers in healthcare, smart workplace, retail, and aviation across North America, Europe, and Asia, including UCHealth, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Airports (Washington Regan and National), two major U.S. Airlines and one of the major U.S. department store retailers. To date, Pointr is live in thousands of venues with more than 2 million unique daily sessions and powering geolocation for 25 million people globally. Visit www.pointr.tech to find out more about Pointr's Deep Location® Platform.

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  • Learning & development

    We are happy to contribute towards books, training courses and conferences that help you learn and grow in your role here.

  • Socials

    We love to have fun! We organise online and face-to-face events for all our offices across the globe!

  • Team retreats

    We always organise times to have fun and bond at a deeper level as a team!

  • Stock options

    The option to buy shares at a later date, at a discounted price with reduced tax liability.

  • Flexible working

    Whether your child's ill, you're waiting for a package, or you have some deep-focussed work to do, we all work from home (or café) from time to time. We encourage everyone to work from home when you need to.

  • Equipment

    Choose your own equipment: let us know which tools you need and we’ll do our best to get them for you.

  • Health insurance

    Private health insurance!