Poole Community Exchange CIO

Poole Community Exchange CIO

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Poole Community Exchange CIO helps people who are marginalised because of, for example, unemployment, isolation, long-term health issues, money problems, homelessness, offender rehabilitation or relationship or family breakdown. During the coronavirus crisis we focused on providing food for people struggling with food poverty, or who needed to shield. We provided over 40,000 bags of food, and fed about 1,000 people a week. We are continuing to fight food poverty through our community pantry, “Poole Pantry”, but we are also re-starting our original vision of a safe, welcoming space for people to get help, advice and support with practical problems; learn practical life skills, eg budgeting, cooking, IT; play; be creative; and chat and connect with one another. Through our links with Neighbourly, FareShare and local stores we prevent food waste and provide access to low cost food. Before the coronavirus pandemic we made a practical difference to people's lives by:

supporting them through crises, making sure they don't fall through the cracks in the systems; encouraging self-confidence and a sense of self-worth; reducing isolation and fostering a sense of community, giving people the sense that they belong; encouraging creativity and experimentation, providing a safe place to fail; providing a space to explore faith and spirituality to promote mental and spiritual welfare; providing information and support to those who are socially excluded and have chosen / wish to explore operating a business as a way out of the struggle to find employment; providing information and support to those looking to do projects that will have a positive effect on socially excluded people in the future; exploring ways of preventing homelessness.

We are open to working in partnership with other organisations, and currently have links with Poole Housing Partnership, the local Day Centre and the Borough's Chaplaincy service.       We are creating a community where people that are currently socially isolated and excluded for whatever reason can build relationships, grow in confidence and integrate with the wider community. We are also creating a space where people can comfortably explore faith and spirituality.   Our vision is to provide:

a wide range of support, services, facilities and opportunities, which relate to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, in their widest meaning; a space where anyone can drop-in for advice or a chat, or to engage with any of the social and leisure opportunities we offer; Information on upcoming events and the wide-range of activities and opportunities across Poole.

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