Proper. Small word, big ambition.

My father was a hopeless cook but made the best popcorn. Together, we’d spend hours obsessing over new flavours, delicious ingredients and the magic of popping corn. Years later, inspired by the popcorn maker my dad gave me, Proper was born.

My best friend Ryan and I joined forces and launched our business in 2011.  We spent long nights cold calling and packing boxes of popcorn from his flat in London and our first batches were made by tossing kernels in a refashioned cement mixer! Now, we’re a proudly independent company making what we think is the best popcorn in the world.

But the journey is just beginning. Based in London but going global, we’re seriously excited to now be available in 10 countries, sharing our healthy snacks and our stories with people around the world.

I hope you love it,


Behind the scenes