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We are Proud Changemakers - a group of LGBTQIA+ volunteers who have worked across the voluntary sector for some time now and wish to create a space for LGBTQIA people and our allies to:

Celebrate and elevate queer stories - because stories fuel change and there are so many fabulous queer stories out there that need to be heard by many more people Advocate and campaign for positive change for LGBTQIA+ people - because we live in toxic times and it can be draining, terrifying and lonely being an LGBTQIA+ person. So we are joining voices to push back against homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and all the other hate filled rhetoric that is levelled at our community Provide a support network for LGBTQIA+ people and our allies - big charities often have an LGBTQIA+ network or something similar, but most of us work in small charities without such a network and can feel isolated and alone. That's why we are planning a community network for LGBTQIA+ people across civil society so we can connect, support each other, celebrate our wins together and be there for each other when it gets tough.

Why? Because the world isn't a safe and healthy place for LGBTQIA+ folks right now - and hasn't ever been tbh. So here's a space made by LGBTQIA+ people for LGBTQIA+ people and our allies. We are explicitly trans and intersex inclusive. We strive to be anti-racist and anti-ableist, and recognise the importance of our intersectional identities. We honour and respect each others’ identities, experiences and insights. We will not tolerate any bigotry, hatred or questioning of others’ identities or experiences. We aim to be aware and transparent about the power and privileges that we hold, and to be mindful of the impact of these on others, within and beyond the community.  We do not expect anyone to adjust who they are to fit into group, rather we want you to be your authentic you and by doing that add so much value to everyone else.

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