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Under the umbrella title of releasing support we offer Programme Coordination Process Expertise and OEM Contact Networking to the automotive industry.

Our Story

Quick Release founders, Adam Grant and Rob Ferrone, met in 1999 whilst supporting a European vehicle launch. They saw that engineers were spending a large portion of their time supporting the IT systems needed to manage the BoM and engineering change.

Adam and Rob began taking over the responsibility for data and reporting, which allowed the engineers to concentrate on engineering. They realised that this concept had potential and went on to build a reputation in the supplier base.

The Quick Release brand was officially launched in 2003. In 2007, Quick Release took on its first full-time employee. The third director Adam Blomerley joined in 2009, and since then they have grown by at least 50% each year to meet the needs of the OEMs and suppliers.

Today, Quick Release has offices in the UK and Germany, and employs more than 40 staff. With the business of global product development becoming increasingly complex, the team is looking forward to building upon their experiences and tackling the challenges ahead.


What is our culture like?

Our Culture (the 4 QR's)

"Quality Releasing"

Clever people doing clever stuff. technical excellence. knowledge. Expertise. Dependability. Control. We are serious about doing a good job.

"Quick Response"

It's really nice when someone cares, gives you time and delivers on their promises. Very simply, we enjoy being helpful and making people happy.

"Quality Relationships"

It's all about people, the customer, the team, friendships, laughter, trust, communication, understanding. We love the human part of working!

"Quite Refreshing"

Doing the things that excite us and make us laugh is part of our spirit. Daring to be different. It's about making life interesting for everyone involved.

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